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All city supplied water has some degree of “hardness”. It may be harder or less hard depending on your location, but there will be some level of hardness no matter where you live.

What does this mean? it means that the water contains ions and minerals such as magnesium and calcium deposits in the water. The results of hard water are build up on surfaces, residue on glass, shower surrounds, countertops etc., and even shorter appliance life.

Your water heater may also have added buildup and sediment which will shorten the lifespan if water is not treated before entering the water heater. Water may also have a smell to it if hard water is present.

A water softener from Skyline Plumbing and HVAC, in Provo Utah will keep all of these things under control and leave your skin healthier too!

Water Softener Installation, Replacement and Repair

Water Softeners contain small resin beads known as media inside the tank. As water passes through these resin beads, the hard and soft ions simply change places, leaving clear water in your system and depositing those unneeded minerals into a wastewater drain.

When the water softener regenerates, the calcium and magnesium deposits are washed away from the media, rinsing the waste water down the drain and leaving the media beads clean and ready to “soften” your water again. This is often referred to as the backwash phase. Think of it like swapping out the hardness ions like calcium and magnesium for salt ions like sodium and potassium.

At Skyline Plumbing and HVAC in Utah County, we purchase our water heaters from a local manufacturer that builds and programs each water softener specifically for the area it is being installed in.

If you ever have any trouble with one of our softener systems, the service you will receive will be exceptional due to the units being produced locally. Our experienced installers will have your soft water system installed and working perfectly in the same day.

Call Skyline Plumbing for your Professional Soft Water Installation today! 801-766+1711

Warranty on Your Water Conditioner (Softener)

To the original purchaser, the valve body, cation resin, mineral container, and salt storage container carry an unconditional non-prorated lifetime guarantee, replaced F.O.B. Orem, Utah The water conditioner unconditionally guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 3 year from the date of original purchase at the original installation site.

Should any part except those listed above prove defective after the initial three-year period from the original date of purchase, said part will be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced at the manufacture’s option for a maximum charge of 65.00 F.O.B Orem, Utah, provided the part is returned to the manufactures place of business, with transportation and other charges incurred in replacement or repair of defective parts paid by customer.

Skyline Plumbing and HVAC, Inc. will not be held responsible for labor/service charges, loss, or damages caused by a defective part. This manufactures warranty does not apply to units that have been installed with water pressure less than 20 P.S.I. nor more than 90 P.S.I. or water 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below or 90 degrees fahrenheit and above, nor if the water being softened contains any sediment of any type, nor when the unit has been subject to misuse, neglect, alterations, misapplication, installation error or accident caused by fire, flood, acts of God, or any other casualty