Sewer Lateral Replacement inUtah County

Skyline Plumbing now replaces main water lines and main sewer laterals in and around Utah County.

Your main water line is the line that feeds your entire home. Your main sewer lateral is the pipe that carries all the waste water from your home to the city sewer system.

When these lines become clogged, corroded or damaged, they need to be repaired or replaced to keep your home plumbing working correctly and avoid your home sewer backing up into your home.

Most homeowners don’t think about these pipes because they are buried beneath the ground – Out of Sight, Out of Mind. If these piping systems are thought about, it’s most likely too late.

Skyline Plumbing will clean your main sewer lateral using drain cleaning machines or a high power hydro jetting machine. We will then camera the line for you showing that it is either clean and in good shape, or if some problem needs to be addressed before disaster strikes.

Being proactive could save you thousands of dollars in damage, repairs and replacement.

Here are some pictures of a Main Sewer Lateral we recently replaced in Orem, Utah. The pictures show the process from Blue Stakes, to removing the old pipe, installing the new pipe, bedding, backfilling and completion.

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Here’s what David, the homeowner had to say about the repair by Skyline Plumbing.

Review left by David Steele – “Skyline identified problem and provided a fair estimate to repair the problem. They performed a replacement of about 50 feet of sewer pipe. They did this in one day and had the pipe, support gravel and cleanouts done and inspected thoroughly by the city. Afterward they flushed the line to ensure it was completely clear.“

Curious if you need Main Sewer Lateral Repair or Replacement?

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