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Skyline Plumbing and Mechanical offers Professional Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Utah County.

The main sewer line in your home Every sink, tub, toilet and floor drain in your home carries wastewater and anything else put into the drains to the main sewer line. The main sewer line then carries everything you put into your piping to the city sewer system or a septic tank depending on your home setup.

When a single drain clogs, a plunger or plumber’s snake may be all you need to get things flowing again. However, if the blockage is in the main sewer line, clearing the clog is a much greater challenge. Figuring out where exactly the clog is can be a challenge inside itself and then accessing the clog with the correct tools and/or machine without damaging the piping is something you should leave to a professional plumber.

Fortunately, Skyline Plumbing and Mechanical can help you with all your drain and sewer cleaning needs in Utah County. We service all areas from Santaquin, Utah to Lehi, Utah. Our shop and main office are in Provo, Utah.

Slow Draining Sinks or Tubs

How to Tell if You Have a Clogged Sewer Line

Sewer lines are typically the largest pipe in your home, usually 3 or 4 inch pipes to help prevent blockages. They may be ABS, PVC, Cast Iron or even clay depending on the age of your home.

There could be any number of things that block your main sewer line including tree roots, foreign objects in the drain, corrosion, shifting soil, or even worse – collapsed pipes.

Another, fairly common cause is a belly in the pipe due to settling or improper installation. Sometimes blockages occur over time, therefore, it’s important to look for signs that a clog is imminent.

Here are some things to look for when diagnosing a clogged drain or sewer line.

Take Action! Don’t Wait if you See Signs of a Drain or Sewer Clog!

If you experience any of the signs listed above, or just want to make sure your drain lines are in good working order, call Skyline Plumbing and Mechanical today.

We don’t recommend using over the counter drain products as they can damage your piping and they simply don’t work as they say they do. They are also extremely toxic and make it harder to remedy the issue.

There really isn’t a do-it-yourself solution. If you are in Utah County, call Skyline Plumbing in Provo, Utah for all your drain cleaning needs.

Steps to take to keep the problem from getting any worse until a Skyline Technician arrives:

If you suspect a main sewer line clog, you must act quickly to avoid a messy, hazardous sewer backup.

Skyline Plumbing and Mechanical can tackle any drain line issue you run into. Our Experienced Utah Plumbing Technicians have years of experience and you can trust our sewer cleaning services to get things flowing smoothly.

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