Air Conditioner Repair & HVACUtah County

You know how the saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in Utah, wait 5 minutes!”

At Skyline Plumbing and HVAC, we love living in Utah where we are fortunate to enjoy all 4 Seasons! However, I’m sure we don’t need to tell you how this poses potential problems for your heating and air conditioning units. It’s important that you keep them properly maintained and serviced so they will be ready when you need them. With temperatures in Utah reaching over 90 degrees quite often in June, July and August and 100 plus on occasion, your central air conditioner unit works hard to keep your home cool and comfortable.

On the contrast, we also experience single digit temperatures quite regularly in the winter months which calls for a high demand on your central air furnace. In the Fall and Spring, you may want to run your furnace in the morning then your air conditioner in the afternoon, then your furnace again in the evening! Sounds crazy but this is what we get living in Utah!

Don’t wait until you NEED Air Conditioner Repair! With proper service and maintenance, Skyline Plumbing and HVAC will make sure you don’t experience a break down at the worst time.

Skyline Plumbing and HVAC, INC. now offers full air conditioner repair and preventative maintenance in Utah County and surrounding areas. We service all makes and models of air conditioners and furnaces. We can accurately diagnose any issue you may be experiencing and tune your equipment to perform no matter what the season!

If you have an air conditioner unit that’s more than a few years old, we would highly recommend letting us run some diagnostics on it to make sure we catch any premature wear early before more damage is caused. Unfortunately, air conditioning and heating units usually don’t tell you anything is wrong until they break down, leaving you in the cold or hot. Skyline will diagnose, repair and service all makes and models of central air conditioning units and furnaces, even if we didn’t install the system.

You can relax knowing when you call our HVAC team for service, we’ll have your air conditioner providing the comfort it should.

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